Anyone got ChatGPT to successfully write their code yet?

Anyone got ChatGPT to successfully write their code yet?

It’s good at examples, but not good at understanding nuance of business problems. I’ve used it a good bit for boilerplates to start with.

Would you be open to share examples of what you used it for?

I used it to write a bash script to update MWAA variables. It even generated code for specific versions of MWAA/Airflow, which surprised me.

I’ve found it useful to general command line snippets using the aws CLI tool, e.g.:

I have had ChatGPT write some pretty good code for me but it has to be a simple domain and getting the prompt right takes some work.

I also have asked ChatGPT “how do I do this with the AWS API?“; it produces a confident answer so I try it. When I tell ChatGPT the suggested code didn’t work it replies, “yeah, what you wanted to do is actually impossible”. :joy:

Yeah it is quite prone to lying outright to avoid saying “no”

So really I only tend to use it for stuff I can immediately verify (e.g. that command line snippet above)

So we’re not being automated away yet? :smile:

We have at least 3 more weeks.

A while ago used an FFT/iFFT algorithm that chatGPT wrote as a starting point in a partitioned convolution algorithm. It was 5 times slower than what we ended up with, but I was surprised by the amount of variations I could ask it for (not using the complex.h data types, real-only FFT, etc)

Not all of them worked correctly first time.