Broadcasting rotated static database credentials to multiple microservices

Hello All , greetings !! We have a requirement in which hashicorp vault rotated static database credentials needs to be broadcasted to multiple microservices.Can kafka be used for this requirement ? Any security concerns for storing db credentials for short duration on kakfa topic ? Please suggest.

I feel like Consul would be a better solution for this. Or if using k8s, then sync Vault to a k8s secret

Thanks for the reply,
I have an existing database user credentials those need to be rotated as per set TTL with vault static role and to be shared with client services. Can consul help here for this requirement?

All I know is that Consul integrates well with Vault and you can setup a listener/watch to propgate events to other services, such as a value change. But you should also be able to do the same in k8s when a Secret/ConfigMap gets rotated since it should sigterm the container can cause it to restart with the new credential

Ok I will check. Thank you.