Datadog - sharing metrics across organizations

Hello everyone
Is there a way to share metrics across organisations?
We have metrics in one org and another org wish to have access to certain metrics in the other org so that we can correlate metrics better

Hi sharing data between orgs is currently a feature request we have in our backlog, we can open a feature request on your behalf but you would need to open a support ticket with the following information:
• description of the feature request
• why this feature is important for your organization, what underlying issue are you trying to solve?
• level of priority
A current workaround to share metrics across orgs would be sharing a dashboard with external users by generating a public URL.
Please find in our documentation how you can achieve this, however I’m not sure if this exactly fits your use case so please share as many details as you can so that we have a good understanding of your needs :slightly_smiling_face:

For now we will live with the suggested solution (sharing dashboard)
Thank you