Failed to initialize Featureflag service VS30063

Hi, from time to time I’m getting the below message from the VsTest task
##[warning]Failed to initialize Featureflag service VS30063: You are not authorized to access
Any idea?

Are you using any external feature flag system like launch darkly ?

The above warning is followed by:
##[error]Unhandled exception : Microsoft.VisualStudio.Services.Common.VssUnauthorizedException: VS30063: You are not authorized to access [](

I think s9meome is playing with the user access license moving them from basic + test to just basic :wink:

Weird as that the internal url of the eu datacenter

Also weird that the previous steps (like Download artifact, Copy Files, VsTest Platform Installer) are not failing.

Fixed by disabling the proxy setting of Windows 10 even the agent was installed without proxy; monitoring the requests I noticed that some requests are going through proxy and some requests not. :thinking_face: