[Grafana]Creating an external “running counter” that I can increment with the `[timer](timer)_count`

Hi - must be a common problem but I cannot work it out - I have lots of services registering timers, and I get <timer>_count metrics exposed. I want to keep a running total of requests running through a system over a 24h period, but if I restart a service halfway through that period, the <timer> restarts and the count resets to 0, thus blowing away my daily counter. How do I create an external “running counter” that I can increment with the <timer>_count value every scrape?

That’s what the Prometheus increase function is there for (and rate which gives you the average increase per second for the given range vector (i.e. period). increase is a convenience method for rate that multiplies it by the duration in the period, so that’s the one you want to use here) https://prometheus.io/docs/prometheus/latest/querying/functions/#increase


D’uh! Thanks - I had taken the increase off the counter, completely missed it.