Grafana - Global variables?

Hello. I hope this is the best place to ask questions. I am not a very advanced Grafana-user but I have just started to look into variables. I have made a dashboard with data from several IOT-sensors and I am using constant variables to do calculations against these values. Now I would like to make more dashbords that visualize parts of the same data, and want to reuse the variables. Is it possible to make the variables global? I have only found how to use the variables in a single dashboard.

Anyone? It doesnt seem logical to define more than 20 identical variables for every dashboard… Or is it possible to copy/paste/import/export the variable list?

I don’t think global variables exist quite yet, but could you copy your initial dashboard via the “save as” button? That should copy all variables that exist in one dashboard to a new one. Also you can use the JSON model in the dashboard settings to import/export dashboard settings from one dashboard to another.

Yes thankyou that is possible. The only concern I have is when I need to change a parameter, then I need to go into all dashboards and update the variables. I was hoping there was a way to change it in just one place.