Heartbeat monitoring with Datadog

Hi all, I’m trying to figure out how to do a heartbeat type of monitor and can’t see how to approach it in the docs.

In a nutshell, I have a cron job that should run every 10 minutes. If the job runs, i’d like to send a heartbeat notification to DataDog and if the heartbeat notification is not received every 10 minutes (or so) then raise an alert.

I see the possible configuration options getting fed into the heartbeat notification: host name and the cron-job name or something similar so that if the issue happens, I can determine which host is not running which cron job.

Is this possible in DataDog?

Check the custom metrics: https://docs.datadoghq.com/metrics/custom_metrics/

Awesome tip ! I’m already using custom metrics for other things, so now that you’ve pointed me that way, I think I could set up a Metric Monitor and use the “Notify if data is missing for more than 10 minutes” option…

Case closed! Thanks again.