Migrating from Azure Devops to Github

Our current migration direction is to move what we have in Azure DevOps Services, to GitHub. (The TFS migration will be delayed until next year. Thank God!) We only have 14 projects in AzDO. However 5 of them have multiple Git repos. I have maybe 4 years personal experience with GH. At this point I have 50 repos (I probably should get rid of some of them), but I’ve never added two Git repos into one GH project. In fact, I don’t even know if that’s possible. So, when we migrate the AzDO projects to GH, how do we handle AzDO projects with multiple repos?

Github doesn’t really have a concept of project in the same way as azure devops

You just create a repo for every repo in azdo, then you can create projects in your github organization. But repos are not really hard linked to a project

You’d create 1 GitHub org and it would host all the repositories.

You can also create GitHub projects to track and plan your projects.

You can then associate the project with one of more repos

You can then create teams in GitHub and associated a (set of) repos to the teams and a (set of) projects to the teams.

The team page resembles a team project quite well. You can even nest teams.

But it’s a soft link, not a hard structural choice. You can easily change the associations later.

Thank you and. This is more complicated than I’d thought. It’s doable, but not just flip a switch, then go out for drinks.

It’s something we often lobbied for to get it in Azure DevOps. The fact you couldn’t easily move stuff between team projects and that ever time the same team might become responsible for more than one piece of code spread out over multiple pieces of repo/board/capacity was, over time, an issue in almost every org we worked with

Some, like she’ll and Philips even just numbrerd their projects knowing that the department and the project name would change over time.

Yeah, my concern is that breaking AzDO projects into up into multiple organizations in GH will only result in a backlash. “Why in h*ll do we have to do that???” Most people don’t understand how things are even done in our TFS 2015, much less how they’re organized in our current AzDO organization.

Recommendation is a single org.