Modifying kernel scheduler at runtime based on the workload deployed

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Are there any papers around modifying kernel scheduler at runtime based on the workload deployed? While CFS is good but it may not make the best possible decisions on a server that runs 1 or 2 microservices

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Also a review of Google’s ghOSt:

I don’t think anything has been upstreamed so far, and there is quite a bit of overlap/potential for cooperation betwen Google’s and FB’s work, so it will probably take a while to shake out.

My 2c is that if you really, really need to adaptively change the scheduler, then maybe you are not using the proper scheduler. A scheduler is by its nature adaptive to its workload and if this doesn’t cope, maybe one should rather create a new scheduler or patch an existing scheduler that can cope with the new kind of workload, otherwise is just another abstraction bandaid on top of a lacking implementation (in this case lacking being the current schedulers that allegedly need to be juggled)