Syncing data between Azure DevOps Boards and Smart Sheets

Has anyone ever synced data between Azure DevOps Boards and Smart Sheets? I’ve seen the Zapier integration (, but I’m not excited to have our data go though yet another system. I’m curious if anyone’s seen a way to do this via service hook without requiring another service. Thanks!

So is time sheets just another / jira / miro / azure boards / …place name here… ?

I doubt you can pull it off via webhook simply as there fields mapping and conversion

You can wrote your own azure function that can talk between the services if you spend the time to read into time sheets api and azure devops api and do that mapping yourself

It actually looks exactly like and app logic / power automate

, Thanks! Right, I had thought about creating an Azure Function, but that feels like a lot of custom and brittle code in the end. That’s a good point, I wonder if power automate has any connectors, I’ll take a look.

Hmm…this might work: