What happens if instance goes over 100% cpu allocated?

Hello, i have a question what happens if an instance goes over 100% cpu allocated ? I have an instance with 150% cpu that still running

I guess is E2-* or micro/small instance? They have bursting capabilities for a “short period”. No idea how much is a “short period” according to GCP

But I guess the instance will throttle if other workload on the same shared CPU need it :shrug:

Yes, you can see if it has crossed the threshold by going into the Observability tab of the VM and looking at the CPU chart. There’s a faint blue horizontal line, IIRC, where the threshold for your instance type is.

Also, depending on what you’re looking at - aggregate CPU or a single CPU, 150% could mean 1 full CPU in use and the next one 50% in use - on a multi-core system.