Accessing Grafana dashboard on another Windows machine: timeout error

Hi all, Can you please help me with the issue.

How to access grafana on another machine

Grafana version : 8.3.10
Operating System : Windows 10

I have grafana dashboard created in one windows machine and i want to access the same grafana dashboard on another windows machine.

I have made the IP address public, and i am able to ping the windows machine from another windows machine.
I have created Inbound and Outbound rules and enabled the connections.

When i try to call the grafana dashboard using http://{IP address}:3000 i am getting a timeout error Please help me to resolve the issue.

This is a networking issue on your end and has nothing to do with Grafana other than it being what you are trying to access. You’ll need to get assistance with from your local admin for that.

Having said that, it is most likely that Grafana is listening on your loopback interface - i.e - which is only access on that machine.