Accessing variables from Grafana Slack notifications for application errors

Hi People, so I am currently using slack notifications in the grafana for the errors generated in our application. Just wanted to understand how can I access the different variables available from that error log to us, where it is documented ?

Are you looking for the variables available when writing templates?

yeah variables available when writing templates.
My whole use case is around the slack notification. So currently I am running the folllowing query.

Expectation: I need to create a notification template where I have the name of the error as title and stack trace as description and link of the page which generated this error.


I was actually starting to investigate this the other day, and found this article (though haven’t gotten to really look into it yet) - does this help?

checking it now

I checked the the type of query used is different. Then I guess I need to refine my query first to get the last error from logs from the grafana cloud