Adding Datadog agent with AWS Copilot

I’m trying to add a Datadog agent using AWS Copilot, I’ve got the agent image listed as a sidecar which seems to be delivering metrics from the ECS Fargate into Datadog but the installation isn’t marked as completed in Datadog.

I can’t find much in way of documentation for using the sidecar approach, so I’m fairly convinced I’m missing something rather obvious. Here’s the current config:

    port: 8126
      ECS_FARGATE: true
      DD_APM_ENABLED: true
      DD_SITE: [](```

Hi ! i’m not sure that we have docs specific to AWS Copilot, but I am linking the following:

• doc on ECS fargate setup with instructions on running the agent as a sidecar:

• blog with an example deployment (task def) fore reference:

I’d like to further investigate why the agent installation is not marked as completed in your case. can you send a flare using these instructions:

And let me know what ticket ID it’s sent to so I can take a look!