Are managed Loki instances down?

Hey! Are managed Loki instances down for everyone? :sweat_smile:
<|Online status> seems healthy, but all managed Loki datasources are down on our several grafana cloud stack

There were some issues in EU West with reading/writing data earlier on the status RSS feeds, not sure if they’d be to blame for that?

Got an answer from them, apparently they were aware and it got solved

FWIW, we’ve got running into a dedicated firehose channel on our slack (along with the same for DataDog and Elastic) so we can see the status of Grafana cloud for our customers and when things get resolved :slightly_smiling_face:

ohh nice thanks for the tips :slightly_smiling_face:

Do you need firehose tho?
<Add RSS feeds to Slack | Slack is a native RRS app with slack> :eyes:

Sorry, I mean firehose as in “It sprays water (RSS updates in this case) everywhere”, not the AWS Kinesis product. We’re using that native RSS app for it all.

haha all these names make it confusing :smile:

I blame AWS :eyes: :smile:

Yes, it is always <insert-cloud-provider-and-DNS> fault