Are there default Grafana dashboards and alerts for Kubernetes?

Hi everyone! I am using Grafana OSS with prometheus deployed on k8s (EKS) cluster, and I am wondering if there are out-of-the-box dashboards and alerts for the k8s cluster to handle the basic monitoring for k8s infra, pods, deployments, etc?

thanks so much! do you have specific recommendation among all these dashboards?

also are there a ready set of k8s alerting similar to what are found in Grafana Cloud?

i used the grafana helm charts to do the install as part of the prom stack chart and got some out the bag, but there’s probably some there you can use

I will look into that, thank you so much

we use this dashboard which sounds like it should work for you

as far as alerts, I haven’t found any out of the box ones yet

thanks a lot ! I can’t also find any ready to use alerts