AWS Eventbridge rule with `rate 1 day` not running immediately

When it comes to AWS Eventbridge, what is the standard when I set a rule with a schedule rate of 1 day? It will wait 24 hours after I created/enabled the rule to run the first time? Or does it follow a specific time every day no matter what time I enable it? Asking because I enabled my rule a few minutes ago to use rate 1 day but so far it didn’t run. I thought it would run as soon as I enabled it, and repeat that every 24 hours.

I have no idea, but I’m curious what your use case is.

You should treat fixed rate as “I don’t care when it runs, just make sure it’s once a day”. If you care about the time, then use a cron expression, then it’s explicit for anyone looking at the infrastructure.

I’m using a lambda function to do daily cleanups on resources we no longer we use… for example, volumes that were left behind, etc… based on tags and status… and so on.

Oh, I see. Any reason why you can’t just run it at a specific time every day?

You can, it’s called a cron expression.

Of course it’s technically possible. I’m trying to understand why he is pursing the rate 1 day approach.

is just that I don’t need any specific time… I just need to run it every day… that’s all

and when I saw the option for 1 day that was simpler than putting a cron… that’s all

I was just curious as to how that 1 day works… if it’s using a specific time or not… It worked for me… I was just curious about the timing.