Azure DevOps merge issue

I’ve been working on a my first Azure build pipeline, of more than just a simple build. I did this by branching Main into a feature branch in Azure DevOps Services (ADS). I’ve finally got it working as it should, so I’d like to merge my feature branch back into Main. But since for this development I did everything through the browser on ADS, I don’t have a local repo of the feature branch. I haven’t found a way of merging the feature branch back into Main on the Repos | Branches area on ADS. Is that not possible?

You can use pull requests.

Ah, OK, I’ll do that. All I thought I needed to do a merge, but if a PR is the only way to do it, that’s what I’ll do. Thank you!

You can simply checkout the branch locally and do the merge there

A pull request is effectively the same though

With the added benefit that you can first review your changes

You can also set a build validation policy on your Main branch so when you create (or update) the PR, the pipeline will automatically create a build based on what the results of the merge will be so you know before you merge if it will break something.

Hi where do I find that build validation policy? On the link you shared, there’s a line that says, “Choose the + button next to Build validation”. I am not seeing the build validation anywhere.

Go to branches >… On main branch > policies

beat me to it. :smile:
Farther up in the article I linked to is Configure branch policies, which has instructions with screen shots showing how to get there.

Ah, I wasn’t looking further up. Thank you for pointing this out, and