Can Grafana report traces to Grafana Tempo cluster directly

Hi, I’d like to have traces from Grafana in my Grafana Tempo cluster. Does Grafana itself report traces?

I’ve found this but is it possible to setup tracing with tempo, grafana agent etc?

Sure can

yeah, I’ve tried this and nothing lands in my tempo cluster :confused: i’ve set tracing.opentelemetry.otlp: <http://grafana-agent.grafana-dev.svc.cluster.local:4318> in helm chart but no traces were reported

ok, now I see, I think I’ve missed “address” parameter :smile:

for anyone digging in the topic and facing issues with collecting traces - I am using grafana agent for receiving traces and I had to set otlp receiver as a grpc with 4317 port

otelcol.receiver.otlp "default" { grpc { endpoint = "" } ... }

then in grafana the config looks like this

tracing.opentelemetry.otlp: address: grafana-agent:4317