Cannot see my Ubuntu server after installing Datadog agent

Hi, we are trying to setup datadog agent in ubuntu server and followed the doc but not seeing my services in the datadog.
can anyone help with understanding what I could be doing wrong here?
Agent installation:
APM agent installation:

Hi there. I had no problem running the Ansible role to install on my ubuntu servers.
what errors are you seeing from the install script?

No errors as such but couldn’t find the metrics in the datadog.
do i need anything else other than the mentioned details in the links above?

It took a little time for my nodes to show up in the Host Map, but by now is a bit too long
using standard facets weren’t working (set the service facet in the configs later)
I also had some initial trouble finding some VMs where I didn’t explicitly set the hostname; the native host id was being used, making it harder to identify