Clone Operation failed - Azure DevOps

Hi, I’m trying to clone a Test plan in Azure DevOps and I keep getting an error notification:
the Clone Operation failed. Clone operation encountered a WorkItem Tracking error while processing test case 123456. Retry the operation. Error details: TF401346: Invalid Area/Iteration id given for work item -1, field ‘System.IterationId’
Sounds familiar to you?

Sounds like wrong association and removed iteration/area

Yeah, or an iteration you don’t have permissions for

All test cases are in the project’s root iteration path

Is there a rule on create set on that field by any chance?

The destination test plan is in a newly created Area Path and I’m a project collection administrator

Can you capture the API call with the Chrome developer tools to see what it’s sending?

Yes; the error is part of the API’s response

I understand, but then you can see what values it passes in for the iteration id and whether those make sense,

The passed value for iteration is the correct but I’ve found that the test case id that the error message is referring to is not part of the test plan; it’s just related to another test case that’s part of the test plan

I cloned another test plan which was similar with the initial one :shushing_face: