Cloud logging for bare metals

I’ve got our onprem datacenter conencted with vpn to our gcp projects. Is it possible to use cloud logging for our bare metals host or would just spinning up a compute instance as a rsyslog server -> google cloud ops agent -> cloud logging be a better route?

Yes you may directly install ops agent on bare metal host

No need for intermediate rsyslog, etc. The Ops Agent will send logs and telemetry straight to Google’s APIs. (Unless there’s an outbound firewall/egress proxy but then the agent can be configured to use that.)

I’ve got the ops agent configure for a fluentd forward receiver . Though not seeing logs from a test compute instance with fluentd configured to use that reciever.

Its working now, it was fluentd client with the wrong permissions to read journald.[…]-but-no-journal-logs-are-read-