Cloud Run service mimicking v2 Cloud Function without monorepo adjustments

Hi! Is there a way to make my cloud run service pretend to be a v2 cloud function, considering it’s backed by cloud run? I would really like to build my docker images hermetically and not go through the tedious process of forcing my monorepo to look like a standard go/py package

concurrency = 1 should be enough to have the same behavior of a cloud function in term of execution

sorry, let me clarify, I want to process firebase auth blocking functions, firestore events and so on, which are currently only supported through cloud functions

i guess i can just use eventarc directly, right?

I’m not familiar with firebase, so can’t help more

if in firebase you can only configure cloud functions, I think you’ll have to deal with cloud function

thanks for your help!

depending on the type of ci/cd you are using you can configure the script to start the deploy to a cloud function in the folder of the specific instance that houses this logic

assuming that with mono repo you mean multiple project that can run independently in one repository

We are using bazel with generated protobuf files, which means i had to create a rule to roll that artificially up into an ordinary go package by collecting files, creating a go.mod, loading monorepo dependencies and so on