CloudFront, Load Balancer issue connecting to RabbitMQ's 5672 port

I have a rabbitmq docker container running on EC2. I need to have a domain for this EC2 server

I’ve created a CloudFront distribution = 443 https for management dashboard and 5672 http for amqp
In loadbalancer I have 2 listeners - for both 443 and 5672

443 https is okay - I can reach management dashboard with SSL
But I cannot connect services to 5672 http.

Is there any misconfiguration?
Also is there possible to have a SSL connection for 5671 port (amqps) with 1x cloudfront distribution, 1x loadbalancer?

Eventually I will need to have an access for:
dashboard -|
amqps -

telnet <|> 443 - works
telnet <|> 5672 - don’t, it’s just trying but not connecting

Maybe something simple like security group or firewall on the vm? When you’re on the instance can you telnet localhost:5672?

I can telnet inside instance, and using instance public IP

Loadbalancer security group allows all traffic as inbound connections