Combine Registry Push and Cluster Deployment?

For a containerized app do you have in the same pipeline the push to registry and the deployment to cluster?

It depends on your app.
Example: Web app in azure. If you configure it to be container based app you dont need to deploy anything. you just configure the app to fetch the latest tag from your container registry.
Example: you run your app in AKS or own K8S. Then you still wouldnt deploy to the cluster. You will use gitops practices that either look at the repo and build release deploy or use a hook to the container registry that then uses that as artifact to trigger the reconciliation.
Example, go full blown ArgoCD and ditch ADO :slight_smile:

^we do that with aks but what I mean as deployment in that case is update the image tag in the git repo. From then on argocd does the actual deploy to the cluster, but the pipeline does decide which version that would be.