Configuration for turning on subfolder feature in Grafana 10

Hi , What is the configuration for turning on subfolder feature in Grafana 10 ?

Assuming this isnt some new 10 feature I’m not aware of…

In helm:

        apiVersion: 1
        - name: 'developers'
          orgId: 1
          folder: 'Custom Folder / Developers'
          type: file
          disableDeletion: false
          editable: false
            path: /var/lib/grafana/dashboards/developers```

Yeah this is new feature in Grafana 10

Easy organization, enhanced security with Grafana subfolders

“To get started creating subfolders, enable the nestedFolders feature toggle”

Yup , but i dont see how the config will look like ?

Like this ?

     enabled: true```

Oh Yes that did it

     enable: nestedFolders```

Also where can we see what all options are available for feature_toggles ?

Might need to look in the code right now, I couldnt see anything

Sorry misunderstood, they are all here

That’s exactly what i was looking for . Thanks so much