Configuring external Kafka cluster with Confluent Platform/Operator Helm chart limitations

Good afternoon! We are beginning to use Confluent Platform/Operator for Kubernetes, but want to bring our own kafka cluster. Is this possible using the Helm chart? I was unable to find configurations for externalKafka in the documentation and the default values.yaml wasn’t much help either.

Are you trying to have CFK (Confluent operator for Kubernetes) take over management of an existing Confluent cluster ? If yes, that is not supported.
Are you trying to have CFK to manage an Apache Kafka (not Confluent) cluster ? That is not supported either. Strimzi would be the way to go for that ?
Is there a particular feature of CFK you were interested in ?
If you want to use CFK to manage Connect backed by existing kafka cluster or to manage topics on existing kafka cluster. That may be doable

The way we were thinking was that we could use the confluent api and have it talk to an apache kafka cluster that we provisioned elsewhere. (so not necessarily manage it, but rather broker api traffic to it). However, it seems like this is not possible or even recommended.

Confluent API typically depend on Confluent Server features not in AK

I just finished reading your first response. I do believe your final option and the blogpost you linked are what we are attempting to achieve (I’m just not saying it correctly). Thank you for that. I will see if that gets us where we need to be.