Confirming deletion of individual resources in AWS web console with various methods

Funny how dotted throughout the AWS web console you have various ways of confirming deletion of an individual resource (sometimes by writing “delete” or sometimes by having to type out the name of the resource), but when it comes to entire cloudformation stacks it’s just a delete button :man-facepalming:

maybe because you can set up termination protection? But I hear ya, cause I don’t do termination protection by default

I’ve. Done. This. :man-facepalming: :man-facepalming: :man-facepalming:

I consider myself lucky that it only took me an afternoon to un-fuck my accidental click.

Deletion protection for life.


Yeah, for the meagre effort involved in putting a simple deletion confirmation textbox in the web console, it seems like an absolute no-brainer.