Connecting to on-prem MS SQL via FortClient VPN

Hi in Azure devops pipeline is there a way to connect to onprem mssql via fortclient vpn?

If you can script it, you should be able to set that up

Found this example for CircleCI, should be portable:

Not sure exactly where your vpn is, you can install an agent on the mssql server or a diff server (aslong as it has tcp connection to that sql server), You setup your agent to work with a proxy using

You then register the node to a pool you created. You then set the job to run on the pool and thats it.

Now if you installed the agent on the sql thats not an issue. If you installed it on another server, as long as it has tcp connection to the sql youre all good . Is then just your choice where to have a powershell script / cmd that usese sqlcmd.exe with paramters to run your script, or use the powershell-over-winrm to run it from the other server agent but make it work “locally” on the sql server. you will have open winrm between the 2 servers.

And your security dept can be calm. The communication is never between azure devops to the client

Its always from the cline to the external server. always a pull never a push

Thank you for the help! will try