ConnectWise - Limiting Ticket Inclusion/Exclusion by Type in ConnectWise Agreements:

What is the best way to include/exclude tickets from an agreement by type? Scenario here is to include server category tickets but exclude workstations. I know I could make a separate Work Type but am surprised I cannot limit by Type/Subtype unless i am just missing it.

As far as I am aware, this is only driven by work role and work type. We have a work type for server support and one for workstation support.

Do you also differentiate for remote/onsite support? would this make 4 types? server/onsite, server/remote, workstation/onsite, workstation/remote?

We don’t differentiate in that way, but if you need to then, yes, you’d need 4 different work types.

*\shakes fist in air* ok thanks for the input. seems like there should be a more elegant way to do this but that was my initial finding as well. thanks!

Had another suggestion come up of using separate agreements for this, but would require setting the agreement on ticket creation and/or a review prior to billing to ensure the ticket and all time entries were on the right agreement

Work Type is probably the best way to handle it. The other way is to use configurations attached to the agreement, but still requires someone to manually check if a config is covered under the agreement. There is a method where you search for the config first, then create a ticket from the configuration and it will auto attach or not attach the agreement if it’s covered but doesn’t really help if the ticket is already created and you attach the config after.

Was going to say configs are your best bet if youre trying to determine if the work is covered or not by device or device type