Creating timeseries graph for custom_page_load duration(prometheus exporter)

i would much appreciate if someone could give me a pointer on an issue i am struggling with…

i have created a custom prometheus exporter which collects some data and metrics and i want to create some graphs out of it.

on of the types of metrics i created is from type: info and looks like this:

custom_page_load{count="17",duration="0.143006",name="custom page load",result="200",size="1313"} 1.0

i would like to create a timeseries graph for the field of duration, however i am not able to get that happeing.
i can only get either a constant graph of 1.0 (the value) or get the content of “duration” to the legend of the graph.

you need to use a range query

Like sum_over_time

But really your metric should probably be a counter and not a gauge