Datadog APM & DBM issue

Hi folks :wave:
I’m trying to connect APM with DBM, but I’m facing some challenges. We had been using :ruby: Active Record instrumentation with “describes” to differentiate the reader vs. writer configurations, adding it as a suffix on the service name for those. To|enable the comment_propagation , I will need to use the mysql or pg integrations that will generate duplicated metrics. I can’t configure to identify the reader/writer on those integrations, and I can’t use the Active Record integration to enable the comment_propagation . I wonder if I may be missing something or if it will be a feature request - and if FR, is it already on track?


                         comment_propagation: 'full',
                         service_name: "#{c.service}-mysql2"

    c.tracing.instrument :active_record,
                         describes: :reader,
                         service_name: "#{c.service}-mysql2-reader"
    c.tracing.instrument :active_record,
                         describes: :writer,
                         service_name: "#{c.service}-mysql2-writer"```

My big problem is that we have many monitors/dashboards using the writer vs reader metrics.

Also, when I enable the APM+DBM integration, I don’t get data on APM mysql2 traces that keep showing the message to configure it. Still, it shows on database monitoring that the c.service is linked.