Datadog dashboard: Staging servers missing in alert configuration

Hello folks i have question regarding monitoring alerts :
I have configured 4 servers on my datadog dashboard where 2 are staging env servers and another 2 are production env servers but when im configuring alerts i can see the production server tags in env but not staging servers

Any suggestions ?

you can type env:whatever - in the UI those are just suggested values (but that may mean your staging servers are not submitting any data yet)

servers are giving data in APM and also data of CPU , Memory usage but i want to create alerts for TCP ports UP or DOWN for staging server

this is not querying apm or cpu data :slightly_smiling_face:. The UI populates suggestions based on tag values that are associated with the metric you’re looking at

this may be helpful to look at - but it doesn’t change the answer to the asked question

Can we have a huddle for the same so i’will share my screen show you the issue which i am going through

sorry - no, I don’t work for DD :slightly_smiling_face:

Okay thanks for the suggestion :smile: