Datadog - Database Monitoring with Docker Ubuntu Agent

Hello, I had a query regarding postgres integration.
Say, I have docker Ubuntu agent installed & I followed all the steps for postgres integration.

After these 2 steps will I be getting data into the “Database Monitoring” screen ?
OR do I need to install an APM as well ?

A query… Ha! I see what you did there

You only need the yaml config and it will show up upon restart of the agent.

I see.
I expected the same.

As per the postgres integration docs.
I created datadog user in postgres, granted all the permissions.

Then, I updated /etc/datadog-agent/conf.d/postgres.d/conf.yaml and added the relevant credentials there for testing

I restarted agent with
sudo systemctl restart datadog-agent
I ran some SELECT queries on postgres.
and waited for a while on Database monitoring screen.
But nothing showed up. Am I missing something ?

You should check with agent status and see if it says something :eyes:

Sorry, this thing didn’t notify me :smiling_face_with_tear: