Datadog - Finding template language for monitor notifications

Hey everyone :wave:
I’m wondering if someone can point me to the template language used on monitors notifications.
I have read the documentation with no luck.

I searching for information on how can create a message depending on the log.attributes.ATTRIBUTE
• If I have log.attributes.type show something, otherwise don’t
I tried the following with no success

  type {{log.attributes.type}}

Hi Fillipe, This is the documentation for the attribute variables that are available for logs monitor.
You should be able to use {{log.attributes.key}} and replace the key with the log’s attribute.
If this doesn’t work, please send me an example of the log and the monitor links.

Thanks for coming back at me on this. I want to have a conditional line on my notification, reading the documentation with more attention the sentence “Note: To check if a <TAG_VARIABLE> is NOT empty, use an empty string for the <COMPARISON_STRING>” caught my eye.

And my notification is now

*link* [{{}}]({{}})
{{/is_match}} ```

I have tried following the documentation to access log attributes but it does not work. I have a log monitor looking for logs that looks like this and then in my log monitor body I have the following {{log.attributes.jobUrl}} but this just becomes blank when I test the monitor. The only way I have found to be able to access the log attributes in the monitor body, is to make the log attribute into a facet, and then group the log monitor by the facet.

Found the solution. The documentation from Datadog is incorrect. To access the log value one has to write {{log.attributes.[key]}}