Datadog - ingest/import a csv log file

Hello. I’m trying to ingest/import a csv log file and be able to query the columns within. Is this possible or does it need to be converted to JSON?

It usually need to be converted to json, but it’s possible to import csv metrics logs

Thank you, can you point me to an example?

I can import the csv files, I’m trying to query on fields within the csv files. Is this possible?

A moment, I’m a little busy now but I’ll send.

Ok, lets go ahead!
Let me see if I understood correctly.
Are you trying to import to Datadog or export from Datadog?
You can export your logs from Datadog, but i never ever seen someone importing a log file. You can read by using the Datadog agent, much more easy.

I’m using Datadog Agent to import log files. I think my problem is I don’t have multi-line enabled or a regex expression configured. Let me try that and get back to you.

But you can enable multi-line in the agent and read your file. After that you need to parse your logs.

Is there a way to ignore the first 2 lines of a csv log file?