Datadog is not authorized to perform: sts:AssumeRole

Hello, Though, I followed the correct steps here, I ma still getting this error “Datadog is not authorized to perform: sts:AssumeRole”. Can you please help ?

Note that it may take several minutes for this error to disappear from the UI after resolution. If the error still persists, usually this requires integrating from scratch in order to ensure that the external IDs match between AWS and Datadog. Following the Manual setup steps should help to ensure that nothing gets missed:

Thanks. Let me explain the case here so that you can guide me further.

Actually initially I tried this intergration using and took the DD Agent installation command from here for my Amazon Linux and ran it on my EC2 instance. I see the same under the Infrastructure List. Now, I have created a new account under and took the DD Agent installation command from here, removed the existing Agent from the EC2 and ran again. The Agent is running. But I don’t see the EC2 under the infrastructure list under However, the same is listed under to my surprise. Can you please help to resolve this ?

Hmm. You might need to configure the agent with the correct site. Could you open up a new support ticket with a description of the issue? Then a specialized solutions engineer should be able to help!

Sure But wondering why is not reflecting after I remove the agent and re-installing taking the command from the correct site. It is still pointing to the older site.

I believe this would require updating the site value in the datadog.yaml, but it will likely require a deeper investigation. You can send a flare after opening the ticket to help provide more context to the support team:

Ticket #607667

-Logs attached the ticket