Datadog - splitting table by days or weeks

Hi! Question about a dashboard - is it possible to split a table by days/weeks?

My goal is to have daily stats on several metric counts as follows:

Date Metric1 Metric2 ….
2021-10-20 100 50
2021-10-21 100 50
2021-10-22 100 50

Hi , do you have a “date” tag linked to your metrics? If this is the case you can add this date tag to split your metrics. If this is not the case, you can use a timeseries instead: with a 1 day roll-up to see the value of the metrics for each day.
You can also open a support ticket and ask for a feature request to get this supported.

I don’t have a date tag, because all those metrics already have a date in when they appear in system. Also, in my case - table view is better than the graph view, because the ranges of values are different and it would look less informative in graph view like in timeseries.