Decompressing files while doing 'aws s3 cp"

Hi, is it possible, for aws s3 cp, to transparently decompress files with Content-Type: application/json;charset=utf-8 and Content-Encoding: gzip? The browser transparently decompresses it, and I’d like the same behavior with the CLI.

Aws cli … | gunzip | …

This has issues around file extension, and if the content encoding is unknown. gzip won’t work if it doesn’t end in .gz

That was just an example, you can tune the gzip behaviour

I’m aware that you can make this work, but transparent decompression exists in browsers for a reason, and it’d be good to have it here

I think a better question is what are you doing that you would need it, I’m sure there are bash tools out there that would automatically handle the decompression respecting the content-encoding