Deploying SSR Nextjs app on AWS


has anyone ever deployed an SSR nextjs app on AWS? I am experimenting with Amplify and want to ask what are some problems you all had with Amplify hosting. Thanks!

I use amplify, no hiccups on my part. Wish I had more to add to help, but I’m quite happy with it. Happy to learn of some caveats to consider from others.

I have seen so many people on GitHub complaining about amplify. About the long build times, unresolved iissues etc. how long have you been using it?

A few months, build times are definitely slow, upwards of 10-15 mins for a simple marketing site. I agree on that point

I see. I also would prefer the infrastructurebehind to be a more visible. like where is the s3 bucket, the cloudfront distribution and the lambda functions.

I used S3 in the past for my front end React projects and it was pretty fantastic. I think amplify is their answer to netlify, but it’s nothing special if you can use S3

Yeah. I also use s3 with react app but now we need SSR for a next app. we were using cloudflare pages which lacks support for SSR for now.

What I meant above is, with amplify it is like a black box. I would like to know more about the infrastructure that amolify uses to host my SSR app.