Does NLB serve http requests?

Hey guys, a basic question… does NLB serve http requests?

No, I believe it is only layer 4 traffic - tcp

Can a NLB point to the ALB

What do you mean serve? I mean you can chuck HTTP traffic through it but it’s handling stuff at layer 4 rather than layer 7, you’d need to point the NLB at something that’s going to interpret and handle the HTTP requests/responses (e.g., nginx, traefik etc.)

What you need to ask is why would I use an NLB over an ALB?

Static IPs is a good reason

But yes, you recently can do it

yeah, never done it but I believe you can also use a global accelerator to achieve a static IP ALB:

You could stick a global accelerator in front of an NLB in front of an ALB if you are really into encapsulating requests :slightly_smiling_face: