ECS Scheduled Task that fails to run

I have a ECS Scheduled Task that fails to run. On CloudWatch metric I can see only FailedInvocations metric showing it didn’t run. The task does have ecsEventsRole, which is the only thing mentioned when I searched for potential solutions to this problem. Anyone has any ideas?

Running the task manually works as expected

Behind the scene ECS Scheduled Task uses a Event Bridge Rule. Most likely the IAM role attached to the Event Bridge rule does not have necessary and sufficient privileges to submit the task on the ECS Cluster.

Event IAM role is the default that comes in AWS, unless there something more that this schedule task needs I don’t think it’s the problem.
I’ve found out that it may be the issue with Capacity provider. At the time when I scheduled task there is no ECS Instances running. When specifying schedule task I cannot select the capacity provider, while when running task manuall it’s possible to select one.