Error starting GCP free trial despite 'Owner' role

I’m new to GCP and I have a new project that I’m trying to setup billing for, but I’m getting this error message whenever I try to start the free trial, although my account role in the project is “Owner”. When I try to contact support, it sends me to a page where I get stuck and don’t know what to do. They keep sending my to a bot where I only have one option to click, then get the message in the screen screenshot

Although you are an owner you need the billing administrator rule to link billing to the project. By default whoever creates the project gets this role but doesn’t the same in your case

Yes, I created the project with another account and then added the current one later. So can I go the first account and make the second one a billing administrator?

If you want both the accounts you can create a google group and assign the billing admin org role

In fact google group is the recommended approach so that you have still have access if someone leaves the Org

I created another project with the account I’m going to setup billing with and I got the same message

I see the error now. You don’t have a payments profile?

I entered the required details to create one in the form

From what i know payments profile is outside google cloud and a separate entity. Did you use the same account in the past?

So I googled it and what I understood is that I first need to create a google developer account

Not sure its been a long time since I did this and things might have changed. Signing up for a free trial should be straightforward

It’s just weird; the form even has an option to create a payment profile, and I just filled it out, so what could I be doing wrong?

Is it personal gmail or a Google Workspace account? How is it that you are owner inside GCP project without having permissions to create a project?

Personal Gmail account, and I have the permission to create projects and I even created the one I’m trying to setup billing for right now

Can you assign yourself the billing admin role in IAM?

From what i know whoever creates the project automatically becomes the billing admin. Also if there are multiple billing accounts are you choosing the right billing account to link to the project?

Am I doing it right? I’m trying to create a custom role that has all the billing permissions in order to assign it to myself but it’s not letting me do it.

I created the project, so the matter doesn’t make sense, and I have zero billing accounts currently, so I can’t be wrong about choosing a billing account.

Custom role is hard why don’t u try the predefined billing admin role