Error while moving git repos from onprem ADS to ADCloud

Hi , I am trying to move Git repos from On prem ADS to ADCloud. Generated token from On prem and importing repos on Cloud. Still the same error. What i am missing? Any comment? Thanks! NOTE: this is working if i move git repos from one organization to another in On prem ADS.

Is your onpremise azdo accessible from the internet?

Azdo cloud needs line of sight with onpremise, otherwise how will it do an import?

Thanks for your feedback

You could instead simply do a pull -> push to migrate the repo, you do not need to use import

Be careful that you’ll need to take into account potential LFS data that needs to transfer too.

Cd source.git
Git lfs fetch --all
Git remote add target targetUrl
Git push --mirror
Git lfs push --all```

Unfortunately there is no export option to push a repo to a publically accessable instance.