Expanding IP CIDR Range in an AWS VPC

Hi Team,
We are hit the limit of IP CIDR In VPC for Private subnet. We are using EKS. The existing VPC is created with /16 and private subnet with /22. Now as we hit the limit wants to add more IPs to private subnet. What will be the best approach to do this? Creating new subnet under the same VPC with /18? or editing cidr at VPC level and adding /16 with different IP range and creating new subnet with that CIDR?

If your VPC range allows it, create new subnets with larger spaces, bring up new worker nodes in the new subnets, sunset the old subnets.

We followed a similar path a few years ago when first moving to EKS. It worked well and you don’t need to fiddle with any overlay/extra CNI.

Got it thanks