Experiencing continuous `503` errors while doing nuget package restores?

Is anyone else experiencing 503 (Service Unavailable - TF10216: Azure DevOps services are currently unavailable errors all day today when doing nuget package restores from artifact feeds? We’re hosted in UK South, FWIW. Nothing on status page of course!

[Edit: looks like it’s been reported here: https://developercommunity.visualstudio.com/t/Azure-DevOps-Package-Service-TF10216-Err/10553733 ]

I’ve seen multiple availability issues against Azure DevOps the last few days.

It’s pretty depressing. I know it’s not abandonware, but some days it feels like it

Issue is still ongoing

github isn’t immune, my status channel lights up for that more often that any issue that impacts our Azure DevOps orgs where they are hosted.