Exploring alternative solutions for running hundreds of calculations efficiently at night

Hi, I have a scenario where I need to run tens to hundreds of calculations during the night; it seemed that VMSS is the solution but then I noticed that I need to buy also hundreds of parallel jobs which is not optimal; is there other solution?

Don’t use azure devops for orchestration, use something else instead? Like, trigger azure functions or something else as orchestration from your azure devops pipeline to do the actual calculations.

Use SpotVMs on Azure?
Use Azure Functions?
Use AKS?

But like Rouke says I’d deploy something from Azure pipelines into a cloud and then queue your jobs into something a pubsub thing and let Azure do what it’s good at.

Do these calculation jobs need to be run individually as changes are made or can they be batched into a smaller number of runs that do many calculations? Just thinking out loud.

Not just individually but simultaneously. You would need 100 parallel jobs if you planed on running 100 jobs at once.