Feedback on Confluent's Learn Kakfa course

Hi everyone, I’m going over the educational content on I’m curious - has anyone here taken any of these courses? And if so, what did you think?

I’ve been using those to prepare for the Confluent certification. I’ve decided to do all the videos end-to-end (on the topics I’m interested in) and only after that work on the practical exercises. As someone who has experience with Kafka and Confluent, I’ve found the videos good to recap on concepts I already knew but I’ve also learned a few new things too.

Nice. Great to hear that they are suitable for your revision pre-certification. Which courses are those? I’ve done Kafka 101, ksqlDB101 and Kafka for Python developers so far

I think I’m going to do all of them, except for the Spring Framework, the Python, Data Mesh and Event Sourcing ones. They’re certainly useful but I don’t think those aspects are covered in the certification. So far I’ve done Kafka 101, Streams 101, Connect 101 and Internal Architecture. All of them are good so far.

Nice, Streams and Connect are going to be my next ones.

I wonder how long it will take you to do them all! I suppose it’s quicker without doing the exercises, however. I sometimes struggle to focus on video after video without doing something practical

It’s definitively quicker but if it doesn’t work well for you maybe you should work on the exercises as you go. Also, I’m taking this approach because most of the exercises so far are things I’ve already done; this way I can identify which I should come back to (for instance the Stream API) and the ones I don’t need to (for instance the Connect stuff)

Yes, I make sure to do the exercises as I go, I find them really valuable, plus some of the exercises give you sample files for basic consumers producers etc and I find them useful as a point of reference

Any suggestions or reference docs for Confluent Certified Administrator for Apache Kafka