Finding a DD equivalent matching RDS Performance Insights in AWS

Anybody knows about a DD equivalent that matches the info in the new RDS Performance Insights in AWS? :face_with_monocle:

I’m guessing you mean

It even has explain plans (which performance insights don’t have), links with APM traces if you have those, etc

Yeah I’m there :slightly_smiling_face: In AWS performance insights I can break down my applications and see how much RAM each is using, this is my main use case

Yes, but these graphs only show generic database usage, They show what problems the DB has in each wait time which is useful. But they just share the service. The DD database monitoring can tell you which service, endpoint and the full APM trace that originates them. Besides that if you check the link I’ve shared, you get all the explain plan of the consumption in each step (see image)

Helping optimize performance and knowing instantly where things come from even if you didn’t make that thing and don’t know where the query is being executed

It’s really similar overall but it helps narrow down with way more granularity if you’re using other DD products. It also gets the treatment of Watchdog if you have it, correlations and other data that can be used to see anomalies/such

Oh ok, maybe because I haven’t connected my services yet to an agent I’m not seeing the correlation :slightly_smiling_face: i’ll read thru the document then thanks.

Updating the agent/tracer library and others also helps, sometimes I’ve seen non-updated environments that don’t get the information

I installed the agent today I think it’s the latest ))

Should be :nerd_face: