Firebase - count mismatch in the Events section

Hi all

I hope you are doing well.

I have concerned related to the count’s mismatch in the Events section.

In the Events section: The event name is “Issue downloaded” whose count is 57 you can see in (Screenshot1 and 2) but when going inside the Issue download and scroll down to the page where the actual count is 26 you can see in(Screenshot3).

Please let us know why there is a such difference and how I can solve this?

I’ve noticed the same thing. I filed a bug with firebase. I’d encourage you to do the same.

Hey, I got this reply from firebase support.

We don’t have the tooling to dig into data pipeline-related issues at the moment, unfortunately.

May I know that you are also receiving the same reply?

I just got a generic, we are looking into it response.

One thought, did you add the Issue_Downloaded dimension sometime within that date range the report is running for? Because dimensions only start being collected once you add them.

Try shortening the date range to just be yesterday or something and see if it matches.

Because it looks like from the graph that the dimension started collecting somewhere between the 16th - 23rd

Yes and i have added custom on 21

So that’s why they don’t match. It only started collecting that Custom Dimension data (for the dashboard views) on the 21st